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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bits n' Pieces & Random Thoughts

It seems like our lives are always crazy busy, yet it seems like there's nothing new at the same time. I was called to the enrichment committee in Relief Society. I haven't had a calling since we were released from primary when I first got pregnant with the twins. Sloan is now working a 4 day work week until the end of March so he will be home on Fridays, which will be nice but I'm sure we'll fill up the time with things that have to be done.
It seems like there's never a dull moment with the 3 girls. At least one or more of them needs something all day long. It's impossible to keep the house clean and those rare moments when it is clean, it's a disaster by nighttime anyway. How do mom's that have triplets or more do it? I feel like I can barely handle twins and a 3 year old.
This past Tuesday Sloan and I were able to go out to dinner for Valentines Day kid-free thanks to my parents for babysitting the kids. We went to the new Iggy's and we both loved it! Sometimes we think back to how easy times were when we were first married with no kids, and even though we sometimes have rough days, I still love 'em to pieces.

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