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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Our precious (most of the time) Sydnee

You would think that our main parenting challenge would be the fact that we have 5-month old twins, which is definitely a challenge, however, we have a 3 1/2 year that has really tried our patience lately.We love her to death, but she defintely pushes her limits and she is a very stubborn child. We recently took her to the dentist for the first time and she wouldn't even open her mouth! I do feel bad for her today though because she woke up with a nasty case of Pink Eye. Poor Kid! It breaks my heart to see her so miserable and it breaks my heart even more to have to hold her down to put the eye drops in, and this just 2 weeks after she had a skin infection on her thumb. Luv ya Syd!!
In other news, one of my goals lately has been to get my food storage and 72-hr. kits more organized. In doing so, I discovered a great blog about food storage. It is the blog of one of my fellow PYP'ers (Pinching your Pennies) check it out: www.preparedldsfamily.blogspot.com

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I need a mommy vacation!!

What can I say? It's been one of those days, one of those weeks, really. Most of the time I really love being a mom, but I've had a rough couple of days. I feel guilty complaining because they're my kids 'and I chose to have them, but today I just feel like escaping to a tropical paradise somewhere by myself, except, oh, yeah I don't have the money for that!
I recently discovered one of my old co-workers on Facebook, who has triplets, plus two others and here I am complaining. I'm sick of dirty diapers, I'm sick of washing bottles, I'm sick of a three year old that tried to feed fruit snacks to her baby sister this morning, oh, well, life goes on. Thanks for allowing me to vent!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Aubree, a.k.a Aubakins, Aubers, Auberkinneekooey Kilee, a.k.a SmileyKilee, Kilers, Kilerkinneekooey, Kilerkinneekooeypooey

Oops! Kilee's picture disappeared! I'm not sure where it went

Syd the Kid and our Sunday morning drama:
We spent the morning at Instacare with Sydnee because she woke up with a thumb twice the size of normal and full of puss, YUCK! Turns out it was a superficial skin infection so the Doc had to drain it out. She was such a brave girl, didn't even cry when he was cutting her skin. I was so proud of her. This picture is later that night. Her thumb must have felt better because she built a "Temple" out of her blocks.

In case you can't tell, their onesies say "If you think I'm cute, you should see my twin"

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bits n' Pieces & Random Thoughts

It seems like our lives are always crazy busy, yet it seems like there's nothing new at the same time. I was called to the enrichment committee in Relief Society. I haven't had a calling since we were released from primary when I first got pregnant with the twins. Sloan is now working a 4 day work week until the end of March so he will be home on Fridays, which will be nice but I'm sure we'll fill up the time with things that have to be done.
It seems like there's never a dull moment with the 3 girls. At least one or more of them needs something all day long. It's impossible to keep the house clean and those rare moments when it is clean, it's a disaster by nighttime anyway. How do mom's that have triplets or more do it? I feel like I can barely handle twins and a 3 year old.
This past Tuesday Sloan and I were able to go out to dinner for Valentines Day kid-free thanks to my parents for babysitting the kids. We went to the new Iggy's and we both loved it! Sometimes we think back to how easy times were when we were first married with no kids, and even though we sometimes have rough days, I still love 'em to pieces.

Friday, February 6, 2009

The twins at 4 months

Sydnee at 4 months

Will the twins EVER get hair? :)

Sloan was playing with Kilee last night and she started making a laughing, squeeking sound, it was so cute and funny. I was laughing so hard! I'll try and get some cute video of Aubree and post it next time.