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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Aubree, a.k.a Aubakins, Aubers, Auberkinneekooey Kilee, a.k.a SmileyKilee, Kilers, Kilerkinneekooey, Kilerkinneekooeypooey

Oops! Kilee's picture disappeared! I'm not sure where it went

Syd the Kid and our Sunday morning drama:
We spent the morning at Instacare with Sydnee because she woke up with a thumb twice the size of normal and full of puss, YUCK! Turns out it was a superficial skin infection so the Doc had to drain it out. She was such a brave girl, didn't even cry when he was cutting her skin. I was so proud of her. This picture is later that night. Her thumb must have felt better because she built a "Temple" out of her blocks.

In case you can't tell, their onesies say "If you think I'm cute, you should see my twin"

1 comment:

preitygirl said...

That is so sad.. I did not know that syd had a gigantic thumb! I am glad that it was nothing serious!