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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happenings from the last few weeks

Last week Sloan and I were able to get away kid-free (thanks to my mom & sister) for a quick two day trip to Bear Lake to celebrate our 7 yr anniversary. We stopped to eat at our favorite pizza restaurant on the way up. It was relaxing and nice to get away from the daily grind for a couple of days. Syd started kindergaten on September 1. She looked so grown up her first day. I can hardly believe she's already five. I had the bus schedule wrong, so of course she missed the bus the first day so we took her. When I dropped her off at her teachers door, I asked her if she wanted me to wait until the bell rang and she said "No, mom you can go." Of course I started bawling! So far she is loving school and doing really well.

Aubs & Ky turned 2 September 25. We celebrated by having family over for cake, ice cream, and of course presents. The didn't quite get the concept of blowing out candles, but had no problem figuring out how to open presents.

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