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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Random Pics from the last few weeks :-)

The pool at our complex opened up last Friday and Syd has been soooo anxious to go swimming. She seems to be a lot braver this year than last. She actually asked to go in the big pool. We plan to go alot the next couple of weeks to "practice" before she starts swimming lessons.
Goggle girl!

Syd dressed up in her princess outfit that she chose for graduating from preschool

Cute little twiners! Aubree thought she would rollover onto her sis.

3 sweeties!

Daddy blowing out the candles on the mini cake Syd made him for his birthday

Friday, May 22, 2009

Our Little Graduate!!

Sydnee and her teacher, Miss Esparza Sydnee saying her part for graduation--she did an awesome job!

Sydnee with her classmates-the little boy next to her, Owen is her little "boyfriend" (his mom told me he said he thought Sydnee was pretty LOL)

This past Wednesday Sydnee graduated from her first year of preschool at Little Scholars Academy. We are so proud of her! She worked so hard to learn her part for graduation. I told her if she said her part in front of all the people at graduation, I would let her pick something out at the store. She ended up picking out a princess dress-up playset, which was good, because she is going to Princess day camp at her preschool later this summer and she has to dress like a princess. We are going to continue to work on her letters and sounds this summer so she is all ready for next year!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy 29th Birthday to my Honey!!!

It's a bit early, but Sloan's 29th birthday is this coming Saturday (Yes, he is 4 1/2 years younger) I am in my thirties, he call's me an "oldie, but a goody". I would like to take this opportunity to list a few things I love about the old man.

*He's a kind and patient husband that puts up with a lot from me
*He's a great dad to our 3 girls
*Even though he's already awesome, he continues to strive to be better in the above 2 things
*He works really hard to support our family, even working 70 hours at times
*I love his hairy back, (sorry too much info, but it's true)
*He willingly changes poopy diapers, even when I'm home to do it
*He's been dealt a rough hand in life, but has risen above it and will do anything to make sure his girls have a good life.
*He can clean a bathroom and mop a floor WAY better than I can

And there are many, many more!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SLOANER! luv ya! ;)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Grocery Savings

One of my favorite things to do (partially out of necessity, and partially because I just enjoy it) is trying to save as much as possible on groceries. I know I have a few friends that read my blog that ask me how I do it, and of course everyone knows that my favorite site in pinchingyourpennies.com. However, for those of you that usually comment on my grocery savings posts, I wanted to let you know about 2 new awesome blogs I have discovered about grocery savings. The first one is www.grocerycartchallenge.blogspot.com The owner of this blog, Gayle, feeds her family of 5 on $60 a week on average and in California no less! She has some great tips on menu planning and also some great recipes.
The second one is www.5dollardinners.com This lady makes all of her family's dinners for $5 or less and some of them look awesome! Check 'em out!