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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


We have teeth! Aubree & Kilee both have 2 teeth now! Kilee got hers really close together. Aubers has had one for quite a while and her second one just popped through yesterday. They are growing so fast! As of their 9 month well baby check they are exactly the same height (almost 30 inches, 94th percentile!) and only 4 oz. apart in weight. I sure love these little girls!

The other day Sydnee & I were outside with Jake and she said "Mom!, look there's a rainbow!" It was so beautiful I just had to get a picture!

The girls all ready to go out swimming. It was the twins first time. Kilee loves the water, but Aubree screams if we even put her feet in. We'll have to work on that!

This year for the 4th we decided to just do fireworks at the house rather than drag the twins somewhere. Here's Sydnee with her sparkler. This is the first year she has been brave enough to actually hold one.

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