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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas! 2008

Daddy and the girls!

Sydnee opening presents on Christmas morning

Sydnee in her Christmas Eve pajamas, holding the cookies she made for Santa!
We had a really nice Christmas this year. It was a lot of fun, mostly because Sydnee was old enough to really get excited about Santa coming. We really tried to teach her about the true meaning of Christmas, the Nativity and celebrating the birth of the Savior, but it's kind of hard with a 3 year old when she gets so excited about Santa and presents and such.
Christmas morning Aubree and Kilee decided to get us up at 5:45 am (I guess they thought they had to eat :)). We woke up Sydnee and went downstairs to open presents. Sydnee was so excited that she got the Barbie car she had asked Santa for. From mommy and daddy she got a leapster, fish game, and a few other things. After we finished opening presents we went to my parents house for breakfast and to open presents. We hope you all had a very nice holiday and were able to spend time with family and friends.

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Amy said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

I enjoy keeping up with your life!!! Your family is so cute!